With many, many thanks to Mattea for putting this together!  The links will take you to the post containing the article, and I have total faith in you that you’ll be able to find the recipe itself once you’re there.  Enjoy!


Breakfast quiches
Cheesy spinach artichoke dip
Green skordalia
Hummus (Ilana’s)
Hummus (Miriam’s)
Jalapeño dip
Kale chips
Local salsa
Mexican layered dip
Mini spanakopita
Scallion raita
Swiss chard chips
Twisted dip


Bread machine challah
Kamut flour challah
Killer challah
Pizza dough (whole wheat, garlic herb)
Whole wheat bread
Zucchini cornbread 


Avocado chocolate mousse pudding
Banana bread and cream cheese frosting
Banana ice cream
Blueberry crisp
Chocolate chip cookies
Chocolate ice cream
Chocolate orange gelato
Chocolate raspberry layer cake
Cinnamon rolls
Citrus basil shortbread cookies
Cranberry-grapefruit shortbread
Donut muffins
Individual whole peach pies
Mexican chocolate gelato
Mixed berry cobbler
Pear, cranberry, and gingersnap crumble
Skillet apple crisp
S’mores bars
Tea cookies
Vanilla cupcakes with chocolate-almond frosting
Zucchini chocolate chip cookies


Limonana/mint lemonade


Aloo korma
Amazing brisket
Artichoke macaroni and cheese
Baked ziti
Bubbi’s meatballs
Crockpot brisket
Crockpot rice and lentils
Crustless mozzarella, tomato, and basil quiche
Hash brown casserole
Honey butter salmon
Honey chicken
Mac and cheese
Matzah lasagna
Peanut-free peanut noodles
Penne a la vodka
Pindi chana
Pizza margherita
Pizza with scallion and cilantro pesto
Rice and beans
Rice and lentils
Roasted vegetable lasagna
Salmon patties
Shepherdess pie
Skordalia pie
Spinach casserole
Spinach pie
Sweet and delicious chicken
Sweet and sour bean casserole
Sweet potato mac and cheese
Tuna patties
Vegetable stir-fry
Vegetarian poutine


Asian pear and arugula salad with goat cheese
Black bean and corn salad
Broccoli salad
Chickpea salad
Cucumber salad with soy and ginger
Mushroom salad
Pasta House Salad
Pasta salad
Tomato salad
Tomatoes with soy sauce and tofu


Barbecue sauce
Onion chutney
Peanut sauce
Sweet basil pesto tapenade
Super in a rush salad dressing
Vegetarian Mole


Broiled eggplant with tangy tehina
Cheesy polenta with tomatoes
Cornbread stuffing
Eggplant Parmesan
Kale marinara
Lokshen kugel
Potato kugel
Quick buttery beets
Roasted Brussels sprouts
Rosemary & olive oil quinoa and brown rice
Sautéed collards and kale
Summer slaw


Beef chili
Carrot ginger soup
Chana masala
Cholent masala
Cholent masala, take 2
Corn soup
Corn soup with roasted corn guacamole
Crockpot barley soup
Crockpot chili
Curried butternut squash soup
Ethiopian-style potato stew
Gazpacho (Amor/Deborah’s)
Gazpacho (Yael’s)
Mulligatawny soup
Potato and roasted garlic soup
Pumpkin apple soup
Pumpkin black bean soup
Rutabaga apple soup
Split pea soup
Sweet and sour soup (two ways)
Sweet and spicy lentil chili
Tomato soup
Vegetarian cholent


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