Shabbat at 11,000 Feet

You may remember Brian from  his post about LimmudPhilly, or, if you live in Philly, from just about every Jewish event and organization there is.  It’s obviously not  his style to write about a “typical” Shabbat, so this one involved an exciting outdoor adventure, mountain climbing, and soup. 

3 days. 16 miles. 3000 foot elevation gain. That was my experience over Shabbat this past weekend. I flew out to Colorado with five good friends from my summer camp (shoutout to Camp Galil) to meet up with a sixth and climb up a mountain over the day of rest. It might sound like the opposite of what some would want but I can tell you the serenity of being on top of a mountain is quite amazing.We hiked up the mountain on Thursday with all our bags (probably 40 pounds of material each), including all the food for each meal. Lunches were simple (pita, cheese, avocado, or PB & J). We spent Friday exploring even more of the mountain with the same. But the best meal was by far Shabbat dinner. My friend Alon is a soup connoisseur and so brought the supplies for a split pea soup that was to die for. We spent two and a half hours preparing Shabbat dinner while watching the sun set through the pine trees outside of our cabin. With no electricity even possible in this cabin, it made me think of how it must have been decades ago to celebrate the weekly holiday.

Dinner was made even more festive by the surprise of our local contact and friend, Evan, who secretly hiked up with two wine bottles, re-packed in compactable plastic containers, of course. We sang. We ate. We swapped stories. We were in bed by 10pm. Evan is also a sleep researcher and was fond of telling us about the amazing thing that is the cyrcadian rhythm. I only hope to take some of the relaxing lessons from this weekend to heart in the hustle and bustle of daily life.

And to climb more mountains.

Recipe for soup:

1 pound split peas (sift through to ensure no rocks)

4 large carrots
1 bunch of celery
2 onions
6 cloves garlic
1 potato
2 tablespoons balsamic vinegar
Thyme, salt, pepper to taste
1) Boil split peas for two hours (watch out for elevation !)
 2) Dice all vegetables and saute them in olive oil
3) Add vegetables into the peas and all spices
4) Boil until tasty

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  1. Beautiful! Your writing took me there…..what an amazing experience, thank you for sharing!

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