Four More Years

Me again. So on the one hand, I’m bummed that no one signed up to blog this week. As we reach the halfway point of the year, I’m concerned that this “someone different blogging every week” thing isn’t really sustainable and that perhaps my friends and readers have lost interest. On the other hand, I have a lot to say about this Shabbat, and I’m glad I created my own mechanism for telling the world what a totally beautiful day it was. That doesn’t change my seriousness about this request: please sign up to blog for a week!

Friday, Marc and I celebrated our four year anniversary. We had a glorious day, the weather was perfect, and we ordered take out Indian food for Shabbat dinner. We had some work done in our house this week, and we put everything back together Thursday night, so being able to enjoy the pristine state of our kitchen for another brief moment was key, and on top of that, the Indian food was pretty damn good.

Saturday morning, Aliza slept until 6:15, really late for her these days, and we had such a fun morning of watching her continue to explore walking and practice her new favorite trick of climbing into things. Around 9:30 she seemed ready for a nap, and so did we, and we all had the most amazing, incredible, gift of a 3.5 hour Shabbos nap.

And then the socializing started. First, we went to the Potluck Coalition’s lunch in Rittenhouse Square. Having already devoured the Indian leftovers, we weren’t there to eat, but we really came for the company, and it was wonderful.  From there, we did some wedding-watching in the park (we counted 4 different parties), picked up some free books from a sidewalk giveaway, stopped by the Bloomsday festivities at the Rosenbach Museum, and walked through the end of a neighborhood flea market.

Next up was Joline’s birthday party, and while we talked and laughed and noshed, Aliza tore up the apartment.  The number of DVD’s per second that she can clear from a shelf is truly impressive.  At some point, I expect her to learn the meaning of “no,” but until then, as long as she’s safe, I figure we’re doing our job, and our friends are gracious enough to indulge that parenting philosophy.

Shabbat is long these days, and by the time we got to Beverly and Naomi’s for seudah shlishit, we were totally wiped out and it was getting awfully close to Aliza’s bedtime, but the sun wasn’t even beginning to set.  We had some yummy veggies and dips and freezepops before heading home and putting her to bed.

I don’t have a recipe to share, and I already put this picture on facebook.  But I don’t think you’ll hold it against me.  What matters is spending a beautiful almost-summer day with family and friends and looking forward to many, many more of the same.


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