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It’s fun to be a mommy writing a blog, but it’s even more fun when my own mommy guest blogs!  My mom advises me on everything from Shabbat dinner menus to what to feed Aliza, and even things that don’t pertain to food.  Basically, she’s the best mom ever. Also, for the record, and perhaps it’s fair since I didn’t eat meat for so long, but this is the first time I’ve ever seen my bubbe’s brisket recipe.

I really enjoyed reading Miriam’s blog all last year for many reasons: great recipes, exciting Jewish Philly scene, beautiful pictures of my adorable granddaughter and much more. I continue to enjoy reading the blog entries this year. When I signed up to write about celebrating Shabbos in Fredonia I wasn’t quite sure how I was going to make this special day sound interesting given that there are only about four people currently in town who actually celebrate Shabbos (and that includes my husband and me.)

We have joined a wonderful synagogue in Buffalo and spend many weekends there and are often invited for Shabbos dinner (and I was hoping this would be such a Shabbos so that I would be able to describe an exciting Shabbos dinner.) Luckily for us and you, the blog readers, Marion and Harvey invited us for dinner and what a wonderful dinner it was! Not knowing for sure what would be served I decided to include a recipe from my mother’s kitchen, sort of making this a three generation blog entry.

Mary Kenshur’s Amazing Brisket
1 or 2 thinly sliced onions (enough to cover the bottom of a dutch oven)
Place single layer of brisket on top of onions (depending on size of brisket you might need 2 pots)
Cover and cook on low heat until juices from brisket mix with onions
Then add a couple cans of tomato sauce or marinara sauce to cover brisket (I also add some ketchup sometimes)
Add some garlic powder and sweet kosher wine and keep cooking until super tender (a couple hours)
Cool and slice with electric knife against the grain

Now, let me share some highlights from our amazing Shabbos dinner. The first course was a wonderful zucchini soup. (I wish I had known this recipe when Ted and I used to grow more zucchini than we could handle and added it to every conceivable dish, like potato latkes and brownies.) [Miriam’s note: See this post for my own thoughts on using up zucchini.] Next came the salads—too many to list— all delicious, but my very favorite was avocado with hearts of palm. The main course consisted of chicken breasts with roasted sweet onions, squash kugel, roasted sweet and white potatoes (brought by the other guests), very tender asparagus, and the most delicious and vegetarian lasagna I ever tasted. The lasagna should have its own blog since it was so amazing, but let me just say there was no dairy cheese but there was soy cheese that actually melted, and the lasagna was made with rice noodles.

And then there was dessert and even though I was so pleasantly satiated, I managed to eat. There were peanut butter cookies, brownies, hamentashen, wheat free banana cake and fruit.

Lest you think I only care about food, let me tell you the dinner conversations were lively, interesting and wide-ranging. The other guests were Lilia, Sergey and their bright multi-lingual daughters. Surrounded by friends we felt warm on a cold Buffalo night.

Hi Grammy!


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