Dinner Disasters

This was the week for appliances to break.  First, our immersion blender stopped blending.  Then the ice cream maker started leaking anti-freeze (seriously).  But don’t worry: I have emails into both companies asking for replacements.  But actually, worry just a little, because something else is going to break before this story is over.

Marc, as you may remember, really likes making ice cream.  He also really likes making pizza.  We’d already written off ice cream as a Shabbat dinner possibility (see above), but, since Marc’s birthday is this week, I got him a pizza peel to help with the pizza making, and it seemed like a good time to try it out.  This is also a good time to mention that, thank goodness, no one else was depending on us for dinner.

So, Marc made the pizza dough, set the pizza stone to preheat for an hour in a 500 degree oven, covered the pizza peel in cornmeal, and then constructed a gorgeous pineapple pizza on top of it.  Then it was the moment of truth: the time to slide the pizza off the peel onto the hot stone.  Yeah.  Right.  The first few attempts at a gentle slide resulted in nothing but a few pieces of pineapple falling into the oven, so, against our better judgment , we removed the stone from the oven and tried to get the pizza off that way.  No luck, until it all rolled off in a giant heap of doughy cheesy mess.  Think Jabba the Hut in a scorched Cheez-It factory.  There was smoke, there was a fire alarm, there was  a coughing baby.  We think this (ok, maybe not exactly this) is how calzones were invented.

While all this was happening, I was making another of Marc’s favorites: curried butternut squash soup.  I’d only ever done this with the immersion blender, but again, see above.  I figured, one extra step, fine, I’d just do it in the regular blender.  If you’ve ever blended hot soup, which, thanks to the immersion blender, I hadn’t, you know where this is heading.  Basically, the first two batches pureed to a perfect, smooth consistency, and the third batch exploded ever so slightly, enough to get my arm and a bit of the counter.  But I was not to be deterred!  So I blended that fateful third batch again, which resulted in the lid of the blender expanding such that the plastic bit in the middle of the lid went into the spinning blender, and got all nice and chopped up with our soup, and everything in the kitchen within a three food radius got covered with a thin layer of orange goopiness.

I was just about to upload the pictures of the failed pizza and the cabinets covered in soup, but I decided against it.  They don’t look as catastrophic as it felt at the time, and the truth is, the second attempt at pizza worked pretty well and tasted pretty good, and the part of the soup that was salvageable was also just as good as it ever is, and I already ordered a replacement blender part for $2, and actually, in hindsight, none of this seems so bad, which is a great lesson about keeping things in perspective and blah blah blah outlook on life, throw care to the wind, even about run-on sentences, and for me, that’s saying a lot.  But at the time, you know, it was kind of a bummer.


For lunch on Saturday, Ilana hosted a Thanksgiving leftovers potluck.  It was at this exact event last year that we told everyone that I was pregnant, so it was a little surreal to have a rolling around little baby hanging out with us this year.  Also, it seems that pretty much what people had leftover was dessert.  Ilana made yummy spinach, mac and cheese (apparently based on “my” recipe!), and then I think I had like 12 kinds of dessert.  Go team!

Aliza’s new food this Shabbat was avocado, and I feel confident in saying that we’re instilling this girl with good taste.  With the other solids so far, even applesauce, she’s sort of humored us and casually eaten it if the spoon happened to get in her mouth.  But for three days in a row now, she’s sucked down the avocado like it’s the best thing she’s ever eaten.  Which, at six months, maybe it actually is.


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