G’mar Tov

For the day that’s supposed to be Shabbat Shabbatot, the Sabbath of Sabbaths, having Yom Kippur on Shabbat really made it feel like we didn’t have Shabbat this week.  Is that a confusing sentence, or what?!  (Also, that was basically a direct quote from Ilana, but I was thinking it, too!)

So, to write a food blog about a fast day…

  • We had an amazing pre-fast meal at Joline’s, highlights being the incredible BBQ brisket and Laura’s brownies.
  • I gave the sermon at Kol Nidrei services at Penn, which was a pretty cool experience.  I spent a lot of time writing it but forgot to practice reading it until we got to dinner.  Central message: The Book of Jonah teaches us that if you can’t control what’s going to happen, you might as well be happy and kind while you’re going through things.
  • As it turns out, this was the first Yom Kippur since the year before my Bat Mitzvah that I didn’t fast, and it really changed my experience of the holiday. While I know I had to eat, it’s kind of weird to admit it.
  • I mostly ate Cherrios and hard boiled eggs, so culinarily, you didn’t miss much.
  • For such highly developed creatures as we humans are supposed to be, it’s hard to believe what a few hours without food does for our functioning.  And our moods.  And our breath.
  • I spent some of the afternoon reading Kosher Nation, an interesting counterpoint.
  • There was an article in the New York Times (thanks Emily!) about how breaking the fast used to be a family affair, and now has become another excuse for a big party.  The Grad Network used that to our full advantage.  But it was a pretty subdued party.  See above re: moods.  Even so, New York Bagel makes an awesome tuna salad, and it goes well with orange juice.
  • The typical Yom Kippur greeting is “g’mar chatima tova,” may you be sealed in the book of life, or “g’mar tov,” finish well.  It’s kind of like the day after Yom Kippur is the first day of the rest of your life.
  • So we spent the first day of the rest of our lives on the roof building a sukkah.  More on that next week!

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