What a week

If my life were a reality show, let’s say I had immunity this week.  Let’s also say that I totally deserved that immunity for pulling off a humongous party on very little sleep and making it through one of the craziest work weeks of the year.  Aliza definitely helped!

But actually, I still have a million work-related things hanging over my head, so I’ll be brief.   Oh to be a Jewish professional in September.

So…cooking for Shabbat…not so much.  Heymish was blissfully close to home this week, so I threw together a quick spinach salad and some dressing that turned out to be very popular, and I managed to get there to make the minyan.  This was Aliza’s first time at kabbalat Shabbat services!  Other people actually cooked things, and on the heels of the recent Grad Network kugel cook-off, I definitely enjoyed Warren’s lemon kugel.  I also learned that Trader Joe’s makes a great carrot cake.

Saturday, I ate a burrito made out of ingredients that happened to be in the fridge, plus some more spinach salad.  It’s hard to say what was breakfast or lunch or snack.  The day kind of all blended together.  Saturday is memorable, though, for being the sixth anniversary of the day that Marc and I met!

Do me a favor: with the time you’re saving by not reading a longer blog entry this week, do something really productive in my honor.  And have a good week!

Super in a rush salad dressing

Here are the ingredients.  Your guess on the proportions is as good as mine.

olive oil
Dijon mustard
soy sauce
red wine vinegar
clove of crushed garlic
chopped fresh parsley
salt and pepper
celery seeds

I recommend making it in a jar that’s about to go out to recycling and shaking to combine.




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