Halfway there

Being that Friday was July 1 and this is a year-long project, I’m halfway there!  I’m already cooking up schemes (yes, pun intended) about future writing projects, but I’m also open to suggestions.

Friday night, Marc and I ate the last of the frozen brisket that his mom made for Passover.  It’s a good thing we were heating up something that made the house smell glorious, since while Marc was prepping dinner, I opened our compost bucket and unleashed the worst smell of all time, unseating our previous top two in that category.  Do other people keep lists of such things?

Anyway, the brisket was delicious, and we were sad to see it go.  On the side, we had mashed potatoes, solely for the purpose of sopping up the gravy.  We also ate the last of the frozen challah that people generously brought over right after Aliza was born.  That also soaked up gravy pretty well.

Even after all these months of gradually accepting that I’m not actually vegetarian anymore, I still can’t believe we had meat and potatoes for dinner.

I was seriously grateful for our short walk to lunch at Beverly and Naomi’s because it was wickedly hot out, and, as is only appropriate under such circumstances, lunch started off with a freeze pop course.    There were four couples at lunch, and as much as I think I don’t distinguish between my friends who are partnered and those who aren’t, it turns out there was a very different dynamic to just having couples around. There’s no value judgment there about better or worse; it was just noticeable.

We ate quinoa salad, cabbage salad, BBQ tofu, Asian tofu, and beet dip.  For dessert, we had chocolate pumpkin soup, and I made the zucchini chocolate chip cookies I mentioned last week, pictured below.  Some brown sugar got  stuck to the bottom of the mixing bowl, so the last few that I made had a sort of caramel on top, and those are the ones that look darker in the picture.

Not so surprisingly, lunch turned into board games, which turned into more hanging out and noshing, then havdalah, and finally, a late-night dinner.  It was a lovely Shabbat.

I wish my halfway-through-the-year post had some crazy story in it, or some revelatory halfway-summarizing remarks on the experience, or the best most fabulous new food I’ve ever made.  But no, it was simply a lovely Shabbat.  And, even though I thought about it, I wouldn’t want to ruin that by sharing the harrowing tales of the second and third worst smells of all time.  I’ll just say thanks for reading so far and for all the comments and feedback both online and in person that have let me know people care, even a little bit, about what I’m eating for Shabbat.  And, if we haven’t had a meal together yet this year, there’s still  plenty of time!


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