Baby’s First Shabbos

Spoiler alert: No, I didn’t cook anything this week (but I did make lots of food for someone…).

Friday night, with my parents, my brother, and  my niece with us, Marc and I said the blessing over children for the first time to Aliza.  It’s really a very simple thing: “May you be like Sarah, Rebecca, Rachel, and Leah,” followed by the traditional priestly blessing: “May God bless you and keep you.  May God show you favor and be gracious to you.  May God show you kindness and grant you peace.”  It’s a beautiful little piece of text, and a lot less pressure than the traditional blessing over a new baby, which hopes that they grow up to enjoy a life of Torah, chuppah (essentially, marriage), and ma’asim tovim (good deeds).  Not that we don’t hope for those things too, but on Shabbat, it’s nice to keep things a little more low key. Plus, we already said those other things when we named her.

We all sang kiddush together, in exactly the way we did when I was a kid, and in a way that I cannot recreate without my father at the table.  My 4-year-old niece sang ha-motzi, which she practices in pre-school every week.  Though poignancy tends to be an aesthetic we try to avoid, when my mom pointed out that her two granddaughters were sharing Shabbat together for the first time, it was a pretty touching experience all around.

For dinner, my dad made pasta with vegetarian “meat” sauce, my mom made a salad, and Marc picked up a couple of really delicious challahs from Swiss House, as well as a chocolate cake full of creamy filling.  Oh yum.

Saturday morning, we partook in the traditional Shabbat bilirubin test, followed by a quick lunch of leftover pasta, and challah in Trader Joe’s lentil masala dip that had somehow magically appeared in our house Saturday morning.  You would not believe how long it took Marc, my dad, and me to remember what we ate yesterday.  Sleep deprivation is really something.

My mom just said, “really, you’re still going to do your blog??” but the answer is an emphatic yes!  I can’t guarantee the posts will be timely, or well-constructed, or that I won’t fall asleep in the middle of typing, but they’ll keep coming.  I can’t guarantee a consistent supply of pictures of food.  But baby pictures?  No problem.


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