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1300 Hours

Shabbat happens every week.  25 hours of it.  That’s 25×52, which means over the course of 2011, there will be 1300 hours of Shabbat to account for, eat during, and share with others.  At least that’s how I’m planning to spend those hours.

Speaking of 2011, it’s coming up, tomorrow to be exact.  So here’s my project:  I’m going to write about all my Shabbat meals in the coming year.

This is a project I’ve been thinking about for a while, but the convergence of New Year’s and Shabbat gave me the kick I needed to get started.  Also, 2011 seems like it might be kind of a big deal for me, and I want to document it.  And finally, I’ve had some amazing conversations recently about different ways to celebrate Shabbat, and given that I have a personal/professional goal to make Shabbat a more fulfilling and accessible part of people’s lives, I hope that sharing my weekly Shabbat adventures will inspire people to create some of their own.


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